Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Halfway house

I've moved. I'm back in Rossendale, east Lancashire, in the north of England, a very different environment from Wiltshire with its large skies, ancient monuments and southern culture. Different too from Bulstrode, where our stock and sales are still being handled by Gillian Armstrong. I am very grateful for many people who helped us with packing, loading, driving and unloading. We are gradually finding our feet and settling back in to a house we left nearly four years ago.

This leads me to two observations. The first is that there are millions of people on the move in our days who don't have the luxury of choice, nor the comfort of helpful friends, but who have to rely on untrustworthy people to help them on their way, without the assurance of success but with a desperation that drives them on. This is the subject of a new book in the series that has been born out of Patrick Johnstone's work for his book The Future of the Global Church (which we are now offering at £10). Dean Merrill has taken some of that material, expanded it, and put it into a new book, Serving God in a Migrant Crisis. I think this is going to be a seminal book for many who are seeking to know how to respond to a very changed and unstable world. Click on the link for ordering details. It is published in the USA by GMI, and the print version is $14.99 plus shipping. The e-book is $9.99.

 My other observation is that we are still working on finding the best solution for making WEC books available to you in the future. We have to move our stock out of Bulstrode by the end of this year, and there are still options to be explored. But although we have recently destocked further to retain only a good core of WEC books, we are committed to keeping these core books available to buyers throughout the world.

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