Friday, November 4, 2016

Almost there

If we were in a halfway house in April, we are nearer our destination now. We have now made most of the transition from operating out of WEC's Bulstrode HQ to a different arrangement.

In June we had a celebration at Bulstrode for the 49 years WEC had been there. But that was also a farewell, because Bulstrode is being sold. The celebration was also an opportunity to sell Paul Harvey's book about Bulstrode, To Everything a Season. For those who have loved Bulstrode, and indeed for local residents, it was a great souvenir. It is still available from Paul Harvey.

That was also an opportunity for the eagle-eyed to pick up old or damaged stock, leaving us with core stock that we have now moved to CLC. Their new warehouse near Chester now also houses our books. Many of the titles we have been selling CLC also sell, and where they have stocked a title, they are buying our stock, so that they don't have two sets of books in their warehouse belonging to different parties. But those titles that they don't stock remain ours. What does that mean for you if you want to buy a WEC book?

Please continue to order from bookorders [AT] We will pass the order on to CLC to fulfil. We need to clarify the procedures, but we will continue to invoice you for our books, and CLC will invoice you for theirs. We trust that this will work well, and we are very grateful to CLC for their willing service to WEC Publications. If you notice any glitches, please let us know.

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