Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Moving home and moving stock

The story so far . . . .

WEC Publications lived for many years at Bulstrode, the WEC UK headquarters west of London. Then everything moved up to Rossendale in east Lancashire. There it settled for a few years, but then moved back to Bulstrode in 2012. Now Bulstrode is to be sold, and the question of what happens to WEC Publications necessitates another move. So, what next?

Well, there is more than one way to skin a cat, so I'm told, though I am not looking for any evidence of that. So I have been looking at various alternatives.

One factor that does carry weight is that WEC is moving from a centre that has hosted many visitors and conferences over the years. The new HQ won't be like that; it will be an office block in Coventry. So the opportunity to browse books and sell to visitors will be severely reduced.

Our sales in the UK have reduced a lot in recent years. This has been offset to some extent by continuing sales to WEC Branches in other parts of the world, particularly Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and (surprisingly) Switzerland.

My last post spoke about the fact that books have a life-span and reach a point where sales peter out. We are trying to deal with that, and humanely put down some older titles. That leaves us with less stock for which we have to find a new home.

We want to continue to make available core WEC titles, newer books and titles we can print on demand. We are therefore in touch with friends who can do that better than we can, and hope that later this year we will move our remaining stock to a new home, from which WEC books will go out to faithful readers as they have for many years.

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