Friday, November 11, 2016

no more Bookroom news

The observant among you will have noticed the change of title for this blog. This used to be WEC Publications & Bookroom News, although to be fair the Bulstrode Bookroom scarcely got a mention. But the Bulstrode Bookroom closed at the end of June, and I write this on the eve of WEC selling Bulstrode. As I mentioned in the last blog,we have disposed of a lot of slow moving and non-core stock, and we are now selling a slimmer range of titles.

I notice that Kitab, who operate a parallel business to ours for Interserve, are about to do the same, concentrating on those publications that are core to who they are and what they want to do. I take this opportunity to salute their excellent service to the Christian community in raising issues and providing resources for those who want to share the good news of Jesus, particularly with those with a Muslim background. 

Tomorrow there will be an Operation World Conference at Bridge Community in Leeds. There will be an opportunity there to buy the new book Serving God in a Migrant Crisis. Patrick Johnstone might even sign your copy! But also available will be Pray for the World, with its daily guide to help you pray for every country in the world, and many issues that affect the peoples of its various and diverse regions.

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