Friday, May 30, 2014

Heads up

Three things to make you aware of, loyal readers.

1. Christian Resources Together
This is the annual shindig of the Christian book trade in the UK, taking place this year 2-3 June. I can only make one day of this two-day event, but it is a wonderful opportunity for publishers and booksellers to get together, as well as those involved in any other way in the production or use of Christian books. There are many kind words and appreciations of excellence and long service, but there is also the opportunity to see new people, new products, and swap ideas. People working in this industry love it - of course they do, living with books all day - but they also feel a bit battered by all the changes and challenges going on in this sector, so please pray for their encouragement, and that they will produce and sell books that make a difference and help to bring in the kingdom of God.

2.  Our new web shop

Yes, is having a long-overdue makeover. We are nearly there, but indulge us a little longer as we try to get this right. The new web shop will have a much bigger selection of books on world mission, and try to be even more useful to you than ever. And you will be able more easily to get to this blog from it. It is going to be DIFFERENT. I can't wait.

3. GOfest
This wonderful event will happen over the weekend 27-30 June 2014 at Bulstrode, the home of WEC Publications. But this not just about WEC. No, GOfest is a multi-agency event, bringing together lots of mission agencies and churches that have a heart for world mission. Marquees, top rate speakers, fair trade coffee, agency stalls and people to talk to, great music, and sun (well, I trust so, but that's not guaranteed). You need to check out the website for the full details. There will be a wonderful bookstall with all sorts of books about mission, including ones nominated by WEC Publications. Put it in your diary now, if you haven't already.

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