Friday, June 13, 2014

New web shop launched

Yes, people, rejoice!
That which I have dreamed of for years has now become a reality. At least, the framework is there. Let me explain.

Many years ago we started to sell WEC books through a page on the WEC UK web site. A few years ago we started, in which we essentially did the same thing, but on a site over which we had more control, and which worked well for us. That is, except particularly for the small thumbnail images of book covers we showed. And we added a window for our Facebook page, but that never looked right.

But all along I have wanted to sell a wider range of books on world mission, to be the place to go to for books on world mission in the UK, or indeed for Europe. OK, there are a lot of those, and a lot of the good books are out of print or difficult to get hold of. And it's a niche market. Christian bookshops generally sell very few books on world mission beyond Operation World and a few biographies.

The new does that—or it will soon. You will see that the Categories menu lists things like
  • The Platinum Collection - that's a list of classic books on world mission that we think everyone should be aware of. 
  • The Toolkit is a wider list, many of them not WEC books, that will equip you with material to be more effective in whatever role it is you play in mission, whether that be befriending your neighbours of a different culture, praying for the peoples of the world, or moving out to places where the unreached are so that you can communicate good news to them. 
  • Books related to the Kairos course
  • House wine - of course, WEC books will always be the core of what we sell. 
The new web shop went live last night. We still have to add details of many of the non-WEC books, but I hope you will find that this works well for you. I know that there are a few glitches that still need to be ironed out, but the basic work has been done. Do tell me what you think, and nominate titles for our various lists. And of course you should tell your friends.

And a big hand to our collaborators who have made it all possible: webmaster Dick, Chrissie, working hand in glove with Gillian to get the data as accurate as possible, designer Kathryn, and Derryck, whose wider list of books on sale in the Bulstrode Bookroom will form that backbone of our expansion.

So, raise a glass of WEC house wine to the new!

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