Friday, August 16, 2013

Making life complicated

So we didn't really decide to make life intentionally complicated. You wouldn't, would you? But life sometimes becomes complicated when there is a trade-off between committing to a tweak that involves complication with the prospect of reward.
#1 We have invested in a stock control program that enables us to keep an eye on our stock levels. Pretty basic. Our predecessor Bill used 'five-bar gates' (marks on paper) to keep an eye on what he sold and left the store. It worked for him, but it never worked for us, and we have relied on an annual stock check to know what we have sold over the year. Ask us half way through the year, and we had no idea at all. That is all set to change. Mind you, it will involve a stock check very soon so that we reset the baseline. But that program will integrate our stock purchases with our invoicing. So if you buy books from us, your invoice already looks different from what it used to be, and behind it is a record of what stock has gone where, and what's left.
#2 This one is more of a deliberate complication. Some books we buy run out of one edition, and we have to get the new edition. Or we choose to get some of the new edition even though we still have the old edition in stock. (See last week's blog post for an example.) Then we are running two lines with the same title. We are doing that with Living Faith and Living Holiness, but we are also selling new stock of C T Studd: Cricketer & Pioneer along with some older stock. We have two accounts of C T Studd's life; the other one is No Sacrifice Too Great, a different take on the life of a great man and an inspirational life. But that's fine; there are four Gospels!
One book we will not do that with is Operation World. When a new edition comes out, the previous edition is obsolete. I hope you are using the 7th edition of 2010. It is set out for daily use, but I recommend you use it as a handbook for ready reference as different countries come to your attention. Then you can look them up, and pray.

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