Friday, August 30, 2013

C T Studd's childhood home

About a week ago I called in at Tedworth House in Tidworth, a garrison town on Salisbury Plain. This is where C T Studd grew up. His father, Edward Studd, had made his money with two indigo plantations in India, and now devoted himself to horse racing.
Tedworth House is a lovely classical building, now owned by the Ministry of Defence, and run by Help for Heroes as a Recovery Centre for wounded servicemen. It was officially opened as such in May this year by Princes William and Harry. It has a great atmosphere, it's doing a grand work, and it is clearly well supported.
This is also the centenary year of WEC International, the mission that C T Studd founded. Edward Studd was converted to Christ through the preaching of D L Moody, and gave up his horse racing activities. "He opened up Tedworth House to the local community, so concerned was he that they too should have an opportunity to hear the gospel." [No Sacrifice Too Great] It was at Tedworth too that C T and his brothers became accomplished cricketers, honed at Eton College and Cambridge University to become the England cricketers who faced Australia in the original Ashes Test series.
More pics of Tedworth House:

CT and his brothers eventually inherited Edward's wealth, but C T gave all his money away. He had already gone to China as a missionary, and the rest of his life was utterly committed to preaching the gospel to those who had never heard it, wherever in the world they might be. "If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for him", he wrote. 
You can read C T Studd's life in No Sacrifice Too Great or C T STudd: Cricketer and Pioneer. Both are available from WEC Publications - follow the links.

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