Friday, October 11, 2013

The heart of WEC

So much of what we want to publish and get you to read is to understand what makes WEC tick. What are the writings that best encapsulate what WEC is about? Although we might not go along with everything C T Studd did, we would not want to lose his radical edge and utter devotion to the cause of Christ's kingdom around the world. So Fool & Fanatic? in the new WEC Classics Library quotes some fun bits, but also reveals some of what he felt most deeply. Maybe C T's The Chocolate Soldier captures that determination better.
I think that biographies reveal a lot about who we are. God's Needle by Lily Gaynor shows something of what it has been to be a WECer in the most primitive conditions of West Africa; On Giants' Shoulders by Patrick McElligott shows a WECer in Japan. Both are seemingly ordinary people who have had a completely life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit, and have set out to serve God despite all odds. The great joy is that both can write! Helen Roseveare's books are also a must in this connection.
More specifically setting out to reveal the ethos and heart of WEC are Here We Stand, a little booklet expounding the Four Pillars of WEC (faith, sacrifice, holiness and fellowship) and Straight From the Heart, which goes through a wider list of WEC's Core Values. If you can look beyond the cover you will find an excellent book.
If you haven't read all of these, get hold of them and be changed.

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