Wednesday, June 29, 2011

news from February 2011

OK folks, so the last posting here was a year ago! I sent out a note in February, and here it is for reference. I am about to send out another update.

In the current absence of Interlink I want to let you know (or remind you) of various matters relating to WEC Publications,

  • As announced at UK Conference in December, the eleven booklets in the Briefings series are now £2.00 each. They originally sold in bookshops at £3.99, and £2.99 from WEC. They are still very useful; only the latter sections that look to the future are in danger of being overtaken by events.

  • We have taken delivery of 400 copies of Window on the World by Daphne Spraggett. This large format family book in full colour was published with the last edition of Operation World in 2001 at £16.99. You can now sell it at £5.00. Let me know if you want a stock.

  • We have now almost sold out of the stock of the WEC edition of Operation World (with and without CD). We will of course continue to keep OW in stock, and hope to let you have it at the discount price of £10. We are selling it at £12.00 retail; the Bulstrode Bookroom is selling it at the distributors' discount price of £12.99. It will now be on sale elsewhere at £14.99.

  • We have various products on order from the USA, including Susan Sutton's books, the OW map, and the new edition of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. I will try and let you know when they arrive.

  • We are still working towards having a new web shop up and running. This will feature all WEC books, but also an increasingly wide range of books on world mission such as you might find in the Bulstrode Bookroom.

I will probably think of something else when I have just sent this out, but at least this is a start.

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