Friday, June 18, 2010

Going Global

GO 2010, the missions festival held at the beginning of May at Bulstrode, WEC's HQ in leafy south Bucks., went well, and lots of our books were sold.
The next challenge has been to harness the full potential of using a Print On Demand company with facilities in both the UK and the USA, particularly to distribute Untold Stories of Missionary Yoo, where we anticipate a big demand in the US. Well, we seem at last to have cracked it. Byung Kook Yoo, the author, is now in the US, and we have got an initial 200 copies delivered to our American HQ. OK, I haven't got delivery confirmed, but that should have happened by now. So copies have been distributed in Korea, the UK, and Australia. The USA is just beginning.
All our latest books are now available through other well-known online booksellers (hem hem), and I am still pursuing the dream of an independent web shop. Watch this space (but not too often).

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