Friday, April 30, 2010

Things have moved fast since the last post. OK, so it's four months ago, so it's just me being slow. But since we published Keys three new WEC books have been published.
Life Lessons
edited by Glenn Myers has contributions from nine WECers, who each share from their hearts one lesson that God has taught them in their lives.
Untold Stories of Missionary Yoo is just what it says: moving and humourous, excellent value from one of the first Korean missionaries to join WEC. Nice cover by our new designer Chris Lawrence too, which picks up elements from the stories, if you are wondering what a sofa is doing with sharps and flats, a jacket, pigs and more. As I write, there is no picture with the item on the WEC web shop. This will be corrected next week.
And just arrived is Thousands, the story of Bruce and Annette Rattray, who worked in the rainforests of Borneo just at a crucial time for the Dayak people, and saw large numbers turn to Christianity. It's both a story of God's moving among those people, but also about God at work in Bruce and Annette's lives too. Another nice cover by Chris; another missing picture on the web shop, I'm afraid.
All these will be on sale this Bank Holiday weekend at Bulstrode, WEC's HQ in south Bucks, where a veritable festival is happening.
All for now. The weekend starts here.

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