Thursday, January 28, 2010

New book arrives - three more on the way

Yes, Keys by Colin Bearup has arrived this very day in Haslingden. There is nothing like it in existence, a book that helps Christians help Muslims understand the gospel by studying the Gospel of Matthew together. We are selling it together with an edition of Matthew's Gospel specially designed for Muslim readers. If you have Muslim friends that you would like to use this with, or know of other people who could use this book, let them know of this book. It looks good too, nicely produced inside and out.
Life Lessons is due out in March, with chapters on key turning points in the lives of WEC writers. Untold Stories of Missionary Yoo is almost ready to hit the presses, and Thousands, the story of Bruce Rattray, is not far behind.
And much to my relief, I have at last hacked the secret of putting the Google Checkout buttons on books, so that the WEC web shop is now pretty well up to date. Well, Keys is up there!

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