Monday, November 2, 2009

Steaming ahead

Today marks the beginning of a new era for WEC Publications. Wellspring Media, of which it has been a part for the last eight years, has ceased to exist, and now Publications sails bravely on without the convoy. Practically, let's be honest, very little changes. But I hope that I can concentrate more on the urgent tasks that face Publications. We have three books in the offing: Untold Stories of Missionary Yoo, Thousands (the story of Bruce Rattray of Borneo), and Keys, a guide to unlocking the gospel for Muslim friends. From a publishing point of view, this is going to be very interesting, as we explore new methods of getting these books into print.
The web shop ( is up and running, but not doing a lot of business as yet. A flyer with offers for Christmas has gone out with the new edition of Worldwide magazine, and we hope that this will bring in some more orders. But there is also a lot more to be done with the web shop. Let me know if you have ideas about this.
But the web shop has encouraged me to start stocking a slightly wider range of books. This is set to grow into the area of books on world mission. Let me know if there are books you think we definitely ought to list.

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