Friday, April 11, 2014

A taster for the works of Helen Roseveare

Helen Roseveare is one of WEC's best-known authors. Rightly so. When my daughter was a student she found a book of Dr Helen's in the church library, and borrowed it. The end result was a desire to go out and buy anything else by Helen Roseveare. In the new web shop you will find a special offer for Dr Helen's three books of autobiography (Give Me This Mountain, He Gave Us a Valley and Digging Ditches) and the four books relating to WEC's four core values (Living Faith, Living Sacrifice, Living holiness and Living Fellowship). Wait for it - it's not up and running yet! But you may like to read Enough by Dr Helen. This is her smallest book, and her latest. Its theme is that Jesus is enough for every need, and that means that we can face anything God asks of us, and win through the difficulties of life. It's a healthy challenge, and cheap at £2.00.

 And just to let you know, Helen Roseveare wrote a wonderful introduction to The Spirit of Revival. Originally published in the 1950s as This Is That, this book is an account of the Congo revival based on contemporary reports and correspondence. Dr Helen had recently arrived in Congo, and her own account adds greatly to the old book, and her introduction helps today's readers connect with those wonderful events.

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