Friday, May 17, 2013

At last - e-books!

OK, it's been years coming, but now there are four pilot books available from and Smashwords, from which you can download these titles free in a variety of formats according to your needs.  
All for the Best is a book of testimonies. Bringing the World to Your Church is an underrated classic about how to link your church with world mission. Fool and Fanatic is a collection of extracts from C T Studd's letters, and Why on Earth a Mansion? is the story of Bulstrode, the home of WEC International in the UK. (OK, there are other WEC centres in the UK, but this is the largest.)
I have been hoping to get this far for years, but lack of concentration on this task has been one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Now with Gillian Armstrong working primarily on this we have powered through the obstacles to gain some critical mass and start moving.
Look out for more titles to be uploaded soon. I am hoping shortly to have a new cover design that we can use for some old titles that frankly have dreadful covers, which won't translate well on to computer screens.
One book which we are reissuing is On Giants' Shoulders by Patrick McElligott. As well as the fourth print edition (of which I am now awaiting copies from the printers), there will also be an e-book edition to follow shortly. I read this many years ago, but I had to read it again to check the typesetting, and I had forgotten some of its gems. If you have never read this book, buy the new edition and bless yourself!

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