Friday, May 10, 2013

After GO2013

And now GO2013 is over. The weather was wonderful, and the crowds came to hear Jackie Pullinger, Andy Hawthrone and Elliott Tepper. Over 100 people camped in the field outside the Bulstrode gate, and another 50 were in the youth camp at the other end of the property.
At this great event, we were able to present a new book by Elliott Tepper, the founder of Betel, a ministry to the addicted that has its roots in WEC. The Cost of the Kingdom is an excellent short read. With an image of a pearl on the cover, it's about the cost of discipleship, a theme that seems to be both much needed and increasingly being addressed in our culture.
We also highlighted God's Needle, the story of Lily Gaynor edited by John Butterworth. It will be published by Monarch in July, but we hope to have copies available by the beginning of June, to coincide with a WEC centenary celebration then. Lily worked in Guinea-Bissau both as a nurse and as a Bible translator into the language of the Papel people. But this is a story of her love for Jesus and the birth of the church among the Papel.
The third book we have coming out shortly is a new edition of On Giants' Shoulders by Patrick McElligott. First published by WEC Publications in 1991, this will be the fourth edition. This is Patrick's own story, from his early life in south-east London to literature and church planting work in Japan, and unrelenting study of the Japanese language which led to Patrick getting a PhD. It's a great read and full of spiritual value, but it also reflects the fact that the real breakthrough for the kingdom of God has yet to come in Japan.

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