Thursday, August 4, 2011

summer news from WEC Publications

We've had some lovely summer weather, and my wife and I went walking in the Peak District last Saturday. The weather was wonderful, some cloud but also warm sunshine, and we both got burnt. But now it's raining, great for the garden, not so good where we need gutters to be repaired.

Things to look out for in the autumn -
e-books This has been a long struggle, but we will start to offer old WEC gems, and thereafter newer WEC books, this autumn. The older books will be free. One I particularly look forward to is Fool and Fanatic, quotations from C T Studd. This should enable you to copy and paste some of the hard-hitting words of WEC's founder into Twitter, or your email signature, for instance.
New titles He Gave Us Authority - adventures in prayer by John Bardsley. A long awaited and wide-ranging book on spiritual warfare, based on the experiences of WEC missionaries.
Whatever Happened to C T Studd's Mission? by Evan Davies. This is the definitive history of WEC International.
Both of these are now in typesetting, and I hope they will be out in time to become Christmas presents for those who enjoy a book as a present. Oh I know, I shouldn't be talking about Christmas yet; let's enjoy the summer first.

We are now based at The Spring, Bury Road, Haslingden, Rossendale BB4 5PG. This is most likely not a permanent address, but is working for us just now. You can order books online at or you can ring 01706 221736, and we can take your order with credit or debit card details to send books out from there.

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