Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I write this when I have just heard that we are to have a general election. It strikes me that Mrs May is taking a big risk. Consider the recent political miscalculations:
  • David Cameron called a referendum on Britain's place in the EU; result: not what he expected, followed by his resignation, and the start of the Brexit process.
  • Nobody thought Donald Trump stood a chance of getting the Republican nomination to stand for President of the United States; then nobody thought he stood a chance of winning the election. 
  • President Erdogan of Turkey called a referendum to give himself augmented presidential powers; he won 51% of the vote after some strong-arm tactics and when invalid polling slips were counted as well. 
It strikes me too that Pontius Pilate miscalculated. He asked the Jewish people gathered for Passover whether they wanted Jesus or Barabbas released to them. He thought that he could circumvent the Jewish rulers by going over their heads to the people, and get Jesus released. It didn't work; he claimed to be innocent, but bore the responsibility for passing the death sentence.

I say 'nobody', but of course we tend to believe what we want to believe. "Surely nobody would be so foolish ...!" We have to take responsibility for our actions, and for acting on sound principles and evidence.

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