Friday, December 2, 2016

God's Needle, Into the Land ... and getting ready for Christmas

Normally I would like to introduce here a new title. But I need to let you know about an older book that has been revised. Monarch published God's Needle by Lily Gaynor and John Butterworth in 2013.
It's an excellent story in which the light of Lily's inner life shines through, telling her story, and especially her work in a rural part of one of the world's poorest countries, Guinea-Bissau. An event in London looking back at the work of bringing the gospel to Guinea-Bissau was held in the summer, and this has led to a significant addition to the end of the book. I have had a sneak preview, and it is worthwhile. If you have lent your own copy and won't get it back, why not buy a copy of the new edition, out just about now. If you have never read it, why not? Don't deprive yourself any longer!

I do, however, have a new title to bring to your attention. Into the Land by Mike Dwight is a sequel to Out of the Desert. Both of these books take as their starting point the story of Moses, and challenge us to present ourselves unreservedly to serve God. Mike worked for many years with WEC in Thailand, then as a Regional Director in Asia, and now teaches with Betel International worldwide. These books work well together, but buy one, get hooked, and  then buy the other.

As I have said previously, our stock of books is now with CLC at their warehouse near Chester. CLC have launched a new web shop, You will soon be able to buy all our titles at that shop. Meanwhile, why not visit it, and do some Christmas shopping there. This does mean that will shortly become redundant, and we will withdraw it. But you can still contact Gillian to order books.

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