Friday, March 14, 2014

More going on than I realise

Getting caught up in all sorts of things that are nothing to do with the production of WEC books, I can get to thinking that there is not a lot going on. But when I think about it, there is more going on than is the impression I live with. Here are four new books, either just out or on the way.

More Than Bananas by Glenn Myers, published 19 February 2014 by Fizz Books; £6.99; e-book £2.99
I can do no better than to re-quote from an email that Glenn quotes on his blog:
Thank you SO much for the book "More Than Bananas". It arrived by post
yesterday morning, and I had read it by bedtime! I think it is quite
splendid, one of the best Christian books I have read since C S Lewis. I
would bracket Myers with CSL as an author. It is one of the very best
pieces of contemporary apologetics I have ever read: clear, flowing
prose, complex ideas simply expressed. In my judgement entirely
acceptable and orthodox theology. Hooray!
A Christian friend said of me that I think like a physicist (he is a
lawyer!) and so I do, laterally and "outside the box". My fellow
Christians react variously to this; some like it, some don't and walk
away. Myers is a physicist and thinks the same way; "Bananas" is the
book I wish I had written. Like me he doesn't regard Genesis as history
or science; it is, I think , impossible for a physicist to do so. Like
me he finds this gives his faith a secure basis, not the "sand" which
creationists build on.
Next up is Unbelievable, the autobiography of Graham Bee, self-published in Australia at AUD18.00. Graham worked in church planting in Ghana, becoming the leader of the WEC team there, and in training and various roles in WEC Australia. It is well written, and comes with good reviews.

Christian Focus Publications are working on a 40 day family devotional to pray for 20 countries and 20 world themes. Written by Rob and Trudi Parkes, WEC's coordinators for London and the South-East, it will be out by the end of June for GOfest. The last book of this sort was Window on the World by Daphne Spraggett published in 2001, so a successor is due. No further details available at present. Just keep a look out for it!

Also in the works is Out of the Desert, a devotional book on personal revival by Mike Dwight, recently retired as one of WEC's Regional Director's for Asia. No promises for when that will hit the shelves, but it is an excellent and challenging read, and another one to look out for. I'll try and let you know as that comes to publication.

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