Friday, November 1, 2013

We have recently uploaded Living Stones to the Smashwords web shop. This was published to celebrate 75 years of WEC (this is now WEC's centenary). Written by Helen Roseveare, it has a story or stories for each year of WEC's life, and Helen makes them come alive. This form of account also shows how WEC has matured from a mission centred around C T Studd and the Congo to a multinational mission agency working all over the world and involving all sorts of ministries beyond the core preaching of the gospel to bring unreached people groups to the Lord Jesus. So we get to a point where various media are being used, and colleges to train missionaries are established around the world. One of the sections that moved me most was an account of persecution in Colombia, where the WECer involved and some Colombian believers were very badly treated and humiliated, but they just wanted to share the good news of salvation with vindictive people who simply despised them and wanted to humiliate them. No human rights there!

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