Friday, May 29, 2009

The WEC web shop is live!

Lots of water has flowed under the bridge, and lots to mention here. First, the big news is that the WEC UK web shop is LIVE! Go to and enjoy looking around at what we have to offer, buy online, and let us know what doesn't work. One thing we know is not up and running is that we cannot yet offer options to pay for shipping for orders from outside the UK. I trust that won't be long in coming.

Secondly, the new edition of We Dance Because We Cannot Fly is now available from us at £10.99. This is the inspiring story of Betel, the now worldwide ministry to addicted people that grew out of WEC Spain. This excellent account has not been available for a while.

The new Operation World is coming next year, and we have about 80 copies of the current edition for sale at the knock down price of £2.00. OW with CD is £4.00. This is a substantial book which has been selling for £12.50, and more recently at the discounted price of £5.00, but I don't want to take any to recycling when the new edition comes out, and this is a great way to get to know what OW is about, even if the information is now eight or nine years old. At £2 you can afford to introduce your friends to OW now.

We have some great new books in the pipeline, and I wish I had the time to put some more old books from the archives online. I keep hoping! But look out for Life Lessons, key lessons collected from WEC people including Helen Roseveare and Patrick Johnstone by Glenn Myers.

The Bulstrode Bookroom is in the throes of a facelift, as the whole of Bulstrode is reconfigured. Once it is settled we will be developing its stock. It should not be long now.

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