Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome to WEC Publications & Bookroom News

Things are moving within WEC Publications, and there are developments afoot too for the Bulstrode Bookroom. So to keep you up to date with these, here is a blog to give you the news.
WEC Publications is the source of almost all books about WEC or published by WECers. Where there are books that have slipped through the net, we are trying to correct that and will try and always have those books in stock as long as they are in print. We would love to have a wider stock of books on mission topics. Those you can often get from the Bulstrode Bookroom....
Judy is away in Australia just now, so the Bookroom is not functioning properly until she returns in March. Then we will be looking to upgrade the fittings of the Bookroom to bring it up to contemporary bookshop standards.

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